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24 January 2007 @ 10:55 am
After all that's happened in her life she knew that probably this was the best thing she's ever done, yet regreted at the same time. Glad in helping Angel through all of this along with everyone else. She half wanted to be apart of this, and half didn't because Kennedy threatened to leave her if she did. Willow thought that if Kenn couldn't support her through this, then they obviously weren't meant to be. And they weren't. While sitting in her office she had a hard time swallowing the amazement of this place, especially the fact that she actually had an office. Which was sort of bizzare to her. She never thought she would be in a office or anything of the sort but she didn't complain, she actually liked it.

But while researching some of the thing's in the books of her office which were pretty old, and served as references to other thing's she found something hidden within the book that held the most powerful magicks in the world, a spell she haven't really heard before. How to summon a loved one. She couldn't think of anyone to summon, except maybe Anya for Xander but she knew the consequences to bringing back the dead. Definitely a no no, last time she brought someone back she became obsessive with magicks. Narrowing her eyes she saw it was latin and usually when latin words came in, usually meant a powerful spell. Accidentally reading the words out of habit her eyes widened, wondering now what would happen as she sensed something powerful come over her office. Looking around she looked a little surprised, and maybe a little frightened.

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24 January 2007 @ 10:43 am
Ever since Angel accepted this offer from Wolfram & Hart, Fred was still amazed with this place and everything in it. The people, the machinery, the enormous Lab. Obviously she was just a little happy about the Lab but deep down she at least felt a little guilty, she knew why Angel accepted the firm's offer. To dismantle evil from within it but she also knew if they didn't dismantle it soon, they all would probably turn corrupted. That's the only thing that worried her, along with other thing's.

She couldn't help but think of why they even brought back Lilah which still bugged her sometimes, other times she just really couldn't stand her even her presence. That's the reason of course that she's doing all she can to avoid her, and Wesley. Knowing about their meeting's, not office meeting's the other kind of meeting's. But she wasn't going to let it bother her, she had work to get done while sitting in her office above the lab. Flipping over paper work and having a medical white coat on, she sighed putting a pencil behind her ear. Looking up she smiled a little seeing a familiar face, well he wasn't exactly familiar but at least she sort of knew him.

Rupert Giles, a former watcher for the counsel somewhere in England she thought? It amazed her a little that he even agreed to come, the same went for Willow. But she still smiled as Giles walked in. "Well hi there! I'm assuming you have something for me, so what is it?"

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24 January 2007 @ 01:47 am
OC: Up to the Spike player whether he wants to be along. I recall them being bound together through the amulet though, so it seemed reasonable.


"Dark Avenger Point Patrol," the security officer said into his wrist radio. "All clear. Repeat, there are no threats present."

Like a precision military unit moving through an urban combat zone, the other members of the Wolfram & Hart security team checked in until the team leader finally gave the go ahead. "Dark Avenger, you're green to go," Officer Daniels informed Angel.

The vampire exhaled, a hard sigh of long-suffering, and unfolded his arms, pushing away from the wall where he'd been resting while his security team verified that the area was clear. It annoyed Angel to no end, but his legal advisor had insisted that he had to take the guards along while on patrol. Wolfram and Hart had a vested interest in safe-guarding their CEO...and besides, it was in his contract.

Given a green light, Angel set out, heading west toward the docks. Maybe patrolling had become a farce, especially when his security detail identified and assessed all threats before the vampire was sent in to do the slaying. However pointless, Angel found the repetition and familiarity to be soothing. It was a fragment of his old life, the one he missed so desperately.

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23 January 2007 @ 07:00 pm
It'd been a few months since Angel had taken over the Firm. And so far things had been going rather well. Giles and Willow joined the team not too long ago. Willow was loving having her own department. And Giles had been a big help to Wesley with his work. Angel asked them to join and they thankfully accepted. And as for Lilah, she was allowed to stay on as the liaison to the Senior Partners. The partners also fully restored her. Fred finally had her lab to work in after all this time. Spike was brought back by the amulet that Lilah had given to Angel before he left for SunnyDale. Although thanks to the amulet Spike is incorporeal. He and Lilah have also proven to be a constant source of annoyance for Angel.
It perhaps hasn't helped matters that Angel’s against Wesley and Lilah seeing each other. They have been doing so off and on; though lately it's been more off mostly due to work. When team Angel first started here Wes wasn't sure it would work. But he had to admit in the last two months alone, they've done more good in that time, than they ever did in two weeks before taking over here.

Everyone's managed to form a steady routine. Wesley works with Giles and others in their research department, going over manuscripts and ancient texts. Willow's still settling into her department. Angel has his monthly or sometimes daily meetings with Lilah. Wes tries not to leave them alone in a room together for long. Otherwise there could be some blood shed.
Wesley had sent Giles down to the Files and Records basement over an hour ago to check for anymore missing pieces of the ancient karlash demon text, that they had spent the last several hours working on trying to translate. Giles was sifting through what felt like box after box of files, until he found one that he thought might prove useful. He took out the files that had been in the box and looked through them. As he shifted the papers around a photograph fell out of the stack of papers and fluttered to the ground. Giles set the small stack of papers down, and bent to retrieve the fallen photograph. He picked it up and studied it closely. “Interesting...” He thought out loud as he looked at the photo. The photo in his had was of Wesley, Lilah and a little girl whom Giles didn’t recall ever having seen or heard about. He tucked the photo away inside his jacket pocket, and made a note to ask Wesley about it later. After placing the photo in his jacket Giles picked up the stack of files and returned them to the box after making sure none of them would help further their research. He then headed back upstairs to the main lobby. Wesley was still in his office sitting at his desk head bent over his latest case file.

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